Our route sales representatives are well versed in CIP system and animal hygiene, mastitis control and troubleshooting procedures for all types and sizes of milking parlors. No system too large or small. Our route sales team regularly monitors product levels and system performance to minimize costs, ensure quality and profits to the dairy producer. This coupled with our lab team which consistently monitors milk samples CONFIRMING proper sanitation procedures are getting the job done right. No other service and supply company has our abilities coupled with in house lab technology.

Our AgroChem partners have unparalleled products for sanitizing and animal hygiene and cow comfort to match any condition and we know how to use them. Coupled with regular training and industry standards. AgroChem professionals are on farm with our technicians on a consistent basis for support, trouble shooting and continued education. We troubleshoot problem areas and perform parlor audits consistently to help you optimize your dairy operation, silently we are working for you, the Dairy Producer.

Here at GHC we carry a full line of inflation’s, hose, filters and other consumables. Our route sales trucks and trailers are stocked with inventory which can be matched to your needs for both an efficient and cost effective solution, on farm. No need to travel into town for those small items, our route suppliers deliver direct, cutting costs and keeping your operation running smoothly without costly down time.

Our technicians are trained and certified in a variety of disciplines including: manufacturer specific, refrigeration, air systems, and specialized welding to mention a few. Our highly skilled and certified professional technicians will listen to your concerns answer all your questions, we never forget we work for you.

Technicians, and scheduled maintenance personnel, are trained in proper milking procedures, mastitis control and optimal system operations. We offer scheduled preventative maintenance programs, monitoring key systems. Maintaining equipment at optimal levels for both efficiencies and life expectancy. Your investment is in good hands with our scheduled maintained programs. The proper scheduled maintenance program can help prevent major system breakdowns and costly down time.

We are refrigeration professionals with many decades of commercial and industrial refrigeration background. We utilize a common sense approach to keeping your milk at optimal temperature. Before adjustments, we listen to your equipment, feel discharge lines and equipment operating temperature levels and smell your machine rooms. Although these are simple common sense practices, many competitors begin making adjustments prior to having knowledge of how the system is operating for a base line. These fundamentals along with our professional trouble shooting skills, industry knowledge and excessive commercial backgrounds, excels GHC as Milk Cooling Specialists in the Dairy Industry.


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